How Chalmers, Elizabeth and Marges Lookouts got Their Name

over 1 year ago

Chalmers Lookout was named on the 16th of November 1932, after Hugh Chalmers (1889-1958) for his community work. Chalmers was the Foundation member of the Faulconbridge Progress Association.

Elizabeth Lookout was named on the 2nd of June 1932, after Elizabeth Skarratt nee Norris (1879-1969), wife to Donald Frederick Skarratt (1872-1948) who was Glenbrook representative on the Shire Council.

Marges Lookout was also named on the 2nd of June 1932, but was named after Marjorie Shoobert (Marge) Hayes nee Walker (1906-1983), daughter of Simeon Henry and Mildred Walker. Henry was Councillor and Shire President.